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Nostalgic Storytelling 

Wood Fire Food is a full service farm-to-table experiential catering & event production studio led by Chef Daniel Sabia specializing in Argentinian-Style open fire cooking &  design, committed to supporting a regional food system.  Our mission is to tell stories & build memories around three simple ingredients: 

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Live Fire Cooking Classes

Gather a group of 2-15 guests for a live-fire cooking class led by Chef Daniel Sabia followed by a farm-to-table meal with a curated biodynamic wine pairing
all in your backyard. 

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Building Memories
That  Matter

Influenced by the world around him, Chef Daniel Sabia creates unparalleled dining experiences through thoughtful storytelling using nature, art, and design to set a table that connects diners to their food and builds memories that last a lifetime. 

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Building Memories
That Matter

Chef Daniel Sabia established Wood Fire Food in 2018 with a mission to blend his passion for design, sustainability, and open-fire cooking to create a new type of dining experience, one that takes diners outside of traditional settings and into nature and uses food to tell stories that build memories to last a lifetime.

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"In an era where the hospitality of cooking is diminishing, Dan Sabia brings back hope that we can still connect with one another through dining. Food, wood, and fire are the simple ingredients he needs to make that magic happen"
- CTbites

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