Our mission is to create an immersive and interactive experience where diners cultivate connections to their food, the chef, and each other.

After two decades of experience in fine-dining professional kitchens and luxury events, Chef Daniel Sabia established Wood Fire Food in 2018 with a desire to cultivate deeper connections between food producers and eaters by blending his passion for design, Argentinian open fire cooking, community, and localized food, to transform the dining experience.

Daniel honed his craft under some of the most celebrated Chefs on the East Coast, including the Michelin-starred Jean-Georges Vongerichten, James Beard-awarded Michael White at the Bedford Post Inn, and Bill Taibe. He refined his skills in the art of providing first class hospitality and producing large scale events at Starwood Hotels. His experience led him to cultivate strong relationships with local farmers and purveyors, and a desire to tell their stories. 


By engaging local supply chain relationships, tapping into his passion for design and hospitality, Daniel set out to create a new dining experience. One that removes diners from the four walls of a restaurant into nature to interact with the producers of their food. That's deeper than what can be gleaned from just grabbing a few dishes from a buffet table. An experience where Chefs are removed from the hidden confinements of the kitchen to immerse diners into the ancient open fire cooking process. 
An experience that’s a return to simplicity but informative,that builds an engaged community through the memories created during those moments around fire. That become inspired to leave the earth in better condition than when we got started.

My mission in life is simply this: to create & to connect 

"For me, food extends beyond nourishment, it's a medium to tell a story. We set every table to tell the story of its location, from the farmer that grew the lettuce to the artisan makers that crafted each plate. Every meal starts with three ingredients: wood, fire, and food. Open-fire cooking has evolved us as humans and centralized the act of eating while fire, ingredients, and cooking remain the common ground between all. With open fire cooking, the hearth became home, and I strive to create an extension of home at every meal. What started off as an escape from the everyday grind turned into another way to manipulate raw material into something beautiful. I love creating. My entire childhood was based off the simple concept of work hard for what you want and try to create and make whatever you can. I have found the perfect balance of cooking and creating with this business between cooking over open fires, and making one-of-a-kind products through the same materials I cook over, the possibilities are endless." 


Let's Connect 

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Wood Fire Food will guide you through the process of creating a one-of-a-kind event. Our expert team has been planning weddings and events for A-list clients for over 20-years. Our expert team will guide you through creating the perfect event and introduce you to our premier list of vendors from venues, photographers, florists, and more.